Welcome to my crazy mind...I hope you enjoy your stay

I am a special effects artist from the Uk, specialising in wigmaking and prosthetic and wax hair punching. I have worked as an assistant wigmaker to Kylie Clarke in Sydney on and off for over 2 years now, where Ive worked on projects such as The Water Diviner, Mad Max and A Place to Call Home, Jack Irish, Strictly Ballroom (Baz Luhrman's theatre production). the Matilda theatre show and various pieces for private clients suffering from conditions which have lead to hair loss.

While in Sydney I have done work with 3AM Wigs, MEG, Creature NFX, Odd Studios and a recent collaboration with Weta. I also worked at the Madame Tussaud's Sydney attraction as a maintenance artist.

Previously I worked between 2009-2012 for the Madame Tussaud's studios in London, first as a hair puncher and wigmaker, and progressing to become a wax and fibreglass painter. During my time at Tussauds I took part in attraction installations for Sydney and Busan (I trained maintenance staff for a period of 5 weeks in Busan in 2012), and a maintenance trip to Hollywood.

While my website aims to be an online portfolio for my hair work, I have a large collection of mural paintings, illustrations and artwork, mostly all inspired by my travels to Australia and south east Asia. I will soon be journeying to South America where I plan on increasing this collection, and will return to the UK at the end of 2015.

Contact me:

Nikki Frances, at nicolafp@hotmail.com
Or +6187346769